How To Make Your Own Photo Charm Bracelet

How To Make Your Own Photo Charm Bracelet



A photo charm bracelet is an item used to commemorate special people or events in an individual’s life. The style of the jewelry will ultimately depend on the subject depicted in the pictures along with your own design ideas. With all of the options available to you through online and physical crafts stores, it can be a fun and easy project to create your very own photo charm bracelet.


Step 1 Choose your photos. Select photos that are clear and enable you to easily crop and zoom in on the area of the picture that you are interested in including in your piece. Step 2 Purchase a photo charm bracelet that fits you. There are a variety of types to choose from, including those with pre-made vacant circles, rectangles and squares in double and single bands. As an example, you might choose to purchase a square single band complete with blank areas for picture and spots between to add images and non-picture items. In addition, you can also find a variety of DIY kits and solitary frames that can be linked together. Step 3 Choose accessories (other pendants that include various pictures and stones) and different types of charms (metal, thread, wooden) to include with your project that reflect your stylistic goals. Step 4 Upload your pictures onto your computer and open them with photo editing software. There are also a number of image editing tools available online. Here you can zoom, resize, remove redeye and shape your frames. Step 5 Once your pictures are as you envisioned them, print them out onto high quality photo paper using the highest resolution possible. Allow ample time to dry. Step 6 After your images have dried, cut them out to suit your frames. You’ll need to cut the images a little bit larger than the actual frame they will be applied to ensure a proper fit. Be aware that you can always cut a little more off if the image is too big for the frame. If you cut too much away, you’ll likely looking at a reprint. Step 7 Use a light adhesive or double sided tape to affix your images to the blank frames. Once the placement is the way you like them, use a photo-safe lacquer to cover the images or apply and covers that came with the frames. This will keep the images safe, secure and less prone to water damage. Step 8 Attach your charms and accessories with pliers or self-contained clips. Step 9 Consider leaving some room on the bracelet for future events. If your piece chronicles important people or events in your life, you may want to include future experiences on there as well. Step 10 Wear your photo charm bracelet with pride. If people ask you about the piece be sure to tell them that you made it yourself. Who knows… you just might have a new business venture on the horizon!

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How To Make Your Own Photo Charm Bracelet