Ohsu Plastic Surgery: Shaping A Better Tomorrow

The field of plastic surgery has evolved tremendously over the years. No longer limited to the world of vanity and aesthetic enhancements, plastic surgery now plays a crucial role in restorative procedures, pediatric care, burn treatments, and much more. The Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Plastic Surgery department is a leader in this domain, setting the benchmark for innovative procedures and advanced techniques.

Embracing a holistic approach to patient care, the department is dedicated to treating the whole person. The team not only focuses on the physical transformation but also addresses the patient’s emotional well-being. This is fundamental to the success of any surgical process, and it sets the department apart in a league of its own.

At OHSU, the skilled team of plastic surgeons and other healthcare professionals work collaboratively to provide comprehensive treatment plans uniquely tailored to every patient’s needs. The goal is to utilize world-class resources and forward-thinking techniques to yield excellent results. The department specializes in multiple areas of plastic surgery, including reconstructive procedures, cosmetic surgery, craniofacial procedures, and hand surgery.

The OHSU Plastic surgery team is experienced in performing surgeries that not only improve physical aesthetics but also increase functionality in patients. For instance, the craniofacial surgery specializes in treating abnormalities in the facial structure that are present from birth or come about due to an injury later on. Pediatric plastic surgery children who are born with congenital anomalies.

Reconstructive surgery at the OHSU

Reconstructive procedures are a significant part of the services offered by the OHSU Plastic Surgery department. These procedures aim to correct physical anomalies caused by injury, disease, or congenital conditions. Whether it’s a complicated post-mastectomy breast reconstruction or a simple scar revision procedure, the dedicated team at OHSU is there to help the patients in their recovery journey.

The impressive breadth and depth of expertise at OHSU match that of the southlake plastic surgeons, highly reputed for their surgical prowess in Texas. Like their counterparts, OHSU surgeons are also trailblazers in their field and are deeply committed to their practice.

OHSU’s Pioneering efforts in Research and Training

The OHSU Plastic Surgery department is not just about providing high-quality patient care, but it’s also at the forefront of pioneering research. Surgeons and researchers are actively involved in numerous studies aimed to improve surgical techniques and patient outcomes. The department also advocates for the seamless integration of medical research, education, and clinical care.

As a part of its mission to foster education, OHSU offers one of the most comprehensive training programs in plastic surgery. This program serves to equip the next generation of surgeons with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the field. Residents and fellows work closely with experienced faculty members, gaining valuable hands-on experience. They also gain exposure to subspecialties such as burn surgery, microsurgery, and cosmetic surgery, so they can make informed choices about their career paths.


In conclusion, the OHSU Plastic Surgery department occupies an essential place in the panorama of medical services in the United States. It stands as testimony to the outstanding innovations and advancements taking place in the field of plastic surgery. The department’s commitment to excellence, hand-in-hand with the expertise of the southlake plastic surgeons, ensures that patients receive the best of care, tailored to their specific needs. Such dedication to patient satisfaction and improved health outcomes contributes to the positive reputation of OHSU plastic surgery.